Marion resident and current contestant on Survivor: Winners at War Denise Stapley posted a video message to fans after this week's iconic episode!

If you're not keeping up with season 40 of Survivor on CBS, you should be! The new season of the show premiered on February 12th and features not one, but TWO contestants from Eastern Iowa. Cedar Rapids police officer Sarah Lacina, the winner of Survivor: Game Changers (season 34), has proved to be a fierce competitor in the last several episodes, but this week it was all about Denise Stapley. Denise, the winner of Survivor: Philippines (season 25), is a therapist from Marion, and she used her smarts to take down a MAJOR player during Wednesday night's episode.

In case you missed it, Denise struck up a secret deal with Sandra this week after Sandra informed her that she was going to be voted out by the rest of the tribe. Sandra offered Denise her immunity idol in exchange for two fire tokens. What Sandra didn't know was that Denise already had an idol of her own. At the tribal council, Denise used one immunity idol to protect herself, and one to protect Jeremy, which meant that her vote would be the only one that mattered. Denise used the opportunity to take Sandra out of the game, surprising ALL OF AMERICA.

The big moment was exciting for all of us here in Eastern Iowa, but fans of Queen Sandra were not too thrilled. Denise addressed her iconic power move in a new video she posted to her Twitter account yesterday:

As a first time watcher of Survivor, I was SHOOK (as the kids say) by this week's episode. I'm officially addicted to the show! We here at KHAK will continue to root for both Denise and Sarah until the very end. We encourage you to do the same :)

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