You know it sounds like a fantastic form of stress relief with all we've gone through in 2020. But with all the proper safety precautions, supervision, and instruction in place, it can become a lot more than just a hobby, and it has for many.

Ax-throwing studios are popping up all over the place these days, including a handful of them here in Eastern Iowa.

One Cedar Falls ax-throwing business, or hurling as they call it, has its own league and they told Iowa's News Now they are sending a 17-year-old regular from their ranks to the National Ax-Throwing Championship in Atlanta this weekend.

Braeden Farmer will head off Friday for a crack at a $25,000 prize after being crowned one of the youngest regional champions of the sport. He's also giving exposure and publicity to a small business in his local area, something all of them need right now. In this case, the business happens to be owned by his father Paul who says it's a hobby that can turn into a sport for all ages.

In many ways, we'll all be living vicariously through Braeden this weekend. We all have an ax to grind with 2020 and he will be doing the hatchet job for us as he competes to become the youngest ever to be named the world's best at this growing sport.

We wish him the best!

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