We are experiencing frigid cold temperatures this week, making it difficult and dangerous to spend any time outdoors, but the Cedar Rapids Police and Fire Departments are asking for your help when the next big snow hits. We know there will be plenty more of that coming.

A recent press release from the City of Cedar Rapids was also a call to action about the "Adopt-a-Hydrant" program. The snow is piling up, including on and around the area's vital fire hydrants. The winter weather conditions are just as tough for firefighters because they bring an increase in house fires. According to KWWL, if those hydrants can't be accessed quickly enough in an emergency by the firefighters, it can wreak havoc (or worse) for the fire victims.

Residents and businesses are therefore encouraged, as you do your own digging out, to help these emergency workers in clearing snowy obstructions from fire hydrants on your street. There are over 5,000 public and 1,600 private fire hydrants in the City of Cedar Rapids so there is likely one close to you. Of course, for your own safety beware of traffic, don't stand in the street and if you're able to help, shovel at least three feet around the hydrant. It could save your neighbors (and you).

Yes, the Cedar Rapids Fire Department is attempting to do a lot of this work themselves, they're simply asking you to be a friendly neighbor and good citizen helping out where you can.

For more information, visit the KWWL story.

H/T: City of Cedar Rapids press release

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