If you'd like to meet your future best bud through Animal Care & Control, you'll now be required to make an appointment. In this case, it has less to do with the pandemic and more with construction in the area. They want to keep you and our community's animals safe! It's their entire purpose. They take in strays, abandoned pets or those the owners just can't take care of anymore, and put them up for adoption, taking great care of them in the interim. They also often reconnect lost pets with their owners.

Iowa's News Now says the location is experiencing construction improvements around the entrance. Animal Care & Control says to call (319) 286-5993 for an appointment prior to adopting, surrendering, or dropping off a stray animal so staff can meet up with you when you arrive and escort you to the front desk or the appropriate area of the facility.

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Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control is located at 7241 Washington View Parkway SW, near the campus of Kirkwood Community College. If you're wishing to adopt, you are also asked to fill out the adoption form in advance of your appointment to further streamline the process. Applications and a list of pets up for adoption can be found here as well as other information about Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control's services and how you can help with donations and volunteering. Shelter hours are Monday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

Want to take a look at some of the sweet pups, kitties, and other animals Animal Care & Control has taken and made available to you for adoption? Click here.

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