2020 was the worst of times for many humans, but it may have been the best year ever for our pets. Working and schooling from home meant a lot more time to spend with them. For those who weren't already privileged to have a four-legged companion to keep them company, Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control discussed with KCRG an upward trend in adoptions on the rise.

The upward trend is good news for those wanting to make time to care for a new furry friend but Ronald Schlabs with Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control says it has depleted their availability of adoptable dogs. It's a good thing, with a few reminders from Shclabs to those thinking about taking in a new pet and those who have done so during the pandemic. Is there a chance you may be returning to the office on a more regular basis? It's been a great chance to bond if you're home all day, but once you return to "normal" life will you still be able to maintain the commitment?

You also might be on your own for now in seeking out vaccination and microchipping for your new pet, as Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control has been limiting those services. You can inquire with them as they hope to return to offering those clinics later this year. In the meantime, if you've read all the "terms and conditions" and are still ready for a new addition of the four-legged variety, see who's up for adoption here.

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