We told you early Tuesday morning that both Albert Auto and Sub City were closing their doors forever, thanks to plans for a new building for Skogman Realty.

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The original plan was for Sub City to close this Friday, December 22. However, things got a little crazy on Tuesday. So crazy that owner, Shawna Lane, knew there wouldn't be enough food to make it all the way through Wednesday, let alone the original closing date of Friday.

Sub City opened its doors in the early 1980's and Lane, the businesses third owner, told KCRG it was much the same at the beginning as it is today. As someone once said... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I enjoyed Sub City every time I stopped over the years and it'll be strange to travel up or down that stretch of 1st Avenue and not see its familiar red and white awning. Sub City steps aside as the city that supported it for decades prepares to welcome another new building. There seem to be downtown construction projects everywhere you look and this promises to be a big one.


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