An eviction notice isn't the way some residents of a Cedar Rapids apartment complex thought that they'd start the New Year.

CBS2 reports that several days after Christmas dozens of residents of Westhill Village Apartments in Cedar Rapids were heartbroken to find an unexpected eviction letter on their door. Some of the buildings in the complex are reportedly in bad shape, and tenants are being given much time to find someplace to move.

The city of Cedar Rapids is requiring three of the buildings to be evacuated by no later than the end of this month due to poor structural integrity, according to CBS2. One of the impacted tenants read CBS2 his eviction letter.

To all, residents you will not be responsible for rent for January. If you paid, rent we will be refunding it. We also will be giving back your security deposits. We will be down today January 2nd to hand and deliver checks. We sincerely apologize for all of this and we hope this will help.

The eviction letters come after a city-ordered inspection report of three of the buildings revealed cracks in drywall, uneven floors, sagging ceilings, and even termite issues, according to CBS2.

CBS2 reports that the city is working with the property management company on the structural issues. The city says it will need an inspection of another two buildings before the beginning of February to determine if tenants can still live in them, meaning another round of evictions could be coming soon.

According to CBS2, EPM Management was on site yesterday handing out checks to affected tenants.

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