Is there a pesky pothole on your street? Is there overgrown grass causing problems in the neighborhood? Maybe the streetlight's been out for a while and you want to bring it to the city's attention. All of these concerns and more can be submitted through a new online reporting tool called "My CR".

A press release from the City of Cedar Rapids recently announced the rollout of a new, easier-to-use system to complain about, or should I say address, issues in your neighborhood in Cedar Rapids.

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You can set up an account or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, you can. Each "complaint" will go straight to the appropriate city department for attention.

Here's where you can go to sign in and chime in. Creating an account allows for faster access to submitting future submissions and makes contacting you about the status of your submission easier, too.

Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomerantz touted the new system:

Providing the best possible service is a top priority for the City. My CR is a valuable tool to help us provide convenient and quality customer service to the citizens of Cedar Rapids

It can be accessed at the link above or as a mobile app through your favorite app store, known as "Mobile CR". It is mostly for non-emergency assistance. The app is also handy for helping you make payments to the city, find services, city news, and community events, exclusive coupons and offers, 360 views of important city locations and landmarks, and much more.

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