The catch of the day last weekend was not a bass fish or trout. Someone got quite a bite at the annual fishing event hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Corridor, but I don't think they're going to be throwing it on the grill.

Fish-O-Rama organizers were the victim of a theft

A stolen golf cart didn't spoil the spirits of the attendees as families got together for a little weekend fun, but it was a disappointing turn of events that has the club looking for answers after an otherwise successful Fish-O-Rama event on Robbins Lake. They posted this message on their Facebook page:

It was a great weekend fishing for prizes to support Club youth across the Corridor. However, we were sad to discover that someone took one of our rented golf carts. The only lead we currently have is that a golf cart was seen on a trailer leaving Robbins Lake through the exit near the gardens between 9:00 and 10:00 am on Sunday morning.

The Boys & Girls Club had rented the golf cart, making the crook doubly crooked

Fish-O-Rama is more than a community event, it is a source of funding that supports the basic needs and activities we provide for kids all over the Corridor, In their words,  the theft of property cuts into the profitability of the fundraiser and takes away from the kids in our community who depend on the Club to help meet their basic needs.

You should contact the Club's executive director John Tursi with any information at (319)363-5766 ext. 440 or their Director of Fundraising Events, Angie Brown at (319)363-5766 ext. 439.

Meanwhile, we hope the thief has the worst golf round of his or her life while using the stolen cart, as a little karma for stealing property meant to help kids.


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