A family who has been serving meals to the community since the 2020 derecho that hit Cedar Rapids is looking for a new home for their food truck for the second time in three months.

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"Bridge Under the Bridge" was forced to move from its original location under the 8th Avenue bridge in downtown Cedar Rapids when complaints to Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) claimed the area wasn't being properly maintained. Back in April, they were able to find a new place to park and serve, with help from the folks at the ROC Center who let them use their parking lot. Unfortunately, and without mentioning why, owner Bridgette Williams-Robinson says that arrangement didn't last for very long and she tells KCRG they are in limbo yet again.

Robinson says serving their community has become the new normal for them, and every moment missed leaves them itching to get back to what they know.

After doing something for two years, it’s the norm, so not being able to do that now, is not normal

Their work ethic and a strong commitment to service are being acknowledged by the community with a nomination for the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival Tribute To Heroes award. But, more importantly, in Bridget's mind is the fact that she has instilled that same spirit of hard work and service to her kids, who are taking on jobs doing lawn care and yard work that include mowing, raking and yes, even cleaning up after your dog. They'd like to save for a vacation to Florida and Bridget has encouraged it, so long as they earned the money themselves, so if you'd like to hire some help with that work (or possibly help them find the next location for their food truck) contact Bridget Robinson via email @Bridgeunderthebridge@mail.com.

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