The holiday season brings out the best in most of us.  Unfortunately, it also brings out the Grinch in others, as a Cedar Rapids homeowner just found out.  She recently bought one of the Star Shower light displays that are very popular this year, and also becoming difficult to find.  Unfortunately, the other night, it went missing.  Someone had apparently stolen it.

If you were in this situation, what would you do or say, especially to your kids? I know I'd probably be quite upset, maybe even call the police to file a complaint. But, that's where this story takes an interesting turn.  I'd like to introduce you to Cedar Rapids own "Cindy Loo Who", know by her real name, Morgan Enz.  Morgan has taken a very interesting approach to this act.

The first thing to do was to educate her kids on what happened, and why people steal.  Her answer was perfection. In her own words, "sometimes others have greater needs than we do".  So she did the unexpected, and penned a letter to the thief.  Instead of asking for it back, or giving the thief an angry piece of her mind, she recognizes they may be in need, and offers to help.  And then, she also provides the packaging so they can "enjoy the lights for years to come."

It's an amazing time of year that truly brings out the good will of so many.  May we alll strive to be more understanding, and let our hearts grow this holiday, taking Morgan's example.

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