It's a GREAT selection!

After seven years as the "Titans", new owners of Cedar Rapids' Indoor Football League (IFL) team wiped the slate clean and embarked on a rebranding project. Step one of that rebranding is complete.

After a summer-long vote garnering over 300 suggestions to choose from, say hello to the "River Kings".

The team was sold in June to Knighted Ventures and businessman Roy Choi, who then hired Ryan Eucker as General Manager. They immediately went about soliciting ideas from the community on the new name. A Cedar Rapids resident named Jennifer Hadenfeldt was the first of multiple entrants to suggest this name, and was selected to receive a prize pack of River Kings swag for her participation.

The next step for the team is to design a logo, which is expected to be unveiled in October.

They also need to hire a head coach by the time IFL play starts in February. They should have no trouble finding a qualified candidate, and the name "River Kings" is sure to represent a class organization that elicits a lot of pride around Cedar Rapids.

Go River Kings!

[Via Gazette]

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