After filing for a waiver to continue all-remote learning through Monday, December 14, with the option to return in-person a week earlier on December 7 if conditions improved, officials with the Cedar Rapids Community School District (CRCSD) are exercising that latter option and will return to in-person learning for most of those students enrolled in it, starting Monday.

A couple of exceptions, according to KWWL include Franklin and McKinley Middle Schools and Jefferson and Washington High Schools, who will resume the in-person model on Wednesday, December 9. Taft Middle and Kennedy High School's buildings are still recovering from the derecho, so they will resume in-person learning at a later time--Taft on December 14 and Kennedy in mid-January. All high school athletics and activities will resume this Saturday, December 5.

CRCSD says the move comes amid what they call a decline in COVID-19 positivity in Linn County, but they have a few strong mitigation reminders they say will stay in place. Superintendent Noreen Bush said in a statement, "while we are making plans to return to in-person learning the week of December 7th, we emphasize that the mitigation efforts of mask-wearing, hand sanitizing and social distancing must remain strong for our kids to stay in school."

The Cedar Rapids Gazette says CRCSD is also updating the required quarantine duration from 14 days to 10 for anyone who has "come into contact with someone with the virus but has shown no symptoms".

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