Would you even know where to start on building a house? I'd end up making a few phone calls, realize how much work it takes, and end up having to hire someone to do it. Not these Cedar Rapids Community School District students. There are 13 junior and senior high school students who were in the Student Build House Program, and they built a 7-room home with a 3-car garage, according to Skogman Realty. This project took them 9 months to complete.


The project began last September and what's even more impressive, it's possible these students would've finished the house sooner had they not been waiting on things like cabinets and doors for weeks. KCRG reports, that supply chain issues delayed them from getting certain materials, yet they were still able to complete the project before the last day of classes for the seniors in the group.


Just yesterday I was talking to a co-worker of mine about this lamp I built in my 7th grade woodshop class. It's kind of cool. I drilled a hole through a baseball glove I had when I was younger, added the wood base, got the electric work set up, and have had this lamp ever since. It's kind of cool and something I like to brag about. After hearing about these students building a freaking house, I'll probably relax on talking up this little guy.


KCRG reports the students spent 3 hours per day with contractors to complete the home. Talk about dedication, I don't know if I spend 3 hours a day doing anything. They recently had an open house last Wednesday (June 1) to show off their completed project.

Brody Hollan, who is a student at Washington High school and worked on the house project told KCRG

It is pretty nice, so it feels good to look at what we’ve done over the year

According to Zillow, there is a pending offer on the house.

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