Cedar Rapids Bus At the GTC
Chris Carson

Starting today, July 31, the Cedar Rapids Transit Department is implementing a number of changes that will ease the commute for some riders--and complicate it for others. The goal is the elimination of low-use routes and increase in service to more frequently used ones.

  • Two of the biggest changes are the additions of circulator routes 20, serving spots in Marion like the post office, Hy-Vee, Fareway, Walgreens, the Marion Library, police station, Linn-Mar schools and the Y; and 30,  providing more service to Lindale Mall and Cedar Rapids Wal-Mart stores without having to ride downtown to transfer at the Ground Transportation Center.
  • Route 5 will make stops up and down 1st Ave every 15 minutes
  • Departures from the GTC will occur at :15 and :45 (peak service) minutes after each hour, rather than :20 and :50.
  • Routes 2 & 9 will be combined

What will not change:

  • Free service on Saturday
  • No fare increases at this time.
  • Evening and Sunday service are still not implemented on this go-round of changes but continue to be discussed.

Additionally, they will be eliminating stops that are less than three blocks apart on many routes to speed up service.

For more specific information on route and service changes, visit the Cedar Rapids Transit Department's website.

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