It seemed to a lot of people like a "stick it' move when the founders of the new "Iowa's Ride" decided to pit themselves straight up against RAGBRAI.

Former RAGBRAI staffers abruptly resigned from the organization over Carson King fallout when a now-former Register reporter dug up and published controversial Tweets King posted some 8 years ago, and scheduled their new ride head-to-head with RAGBRAI.

Cooler heads and a lot of meetings and discussions have prevailed, and the "Iowa's Ride" group has made changes.

July 12-18 will be the new dates for the ride, a week earlier than the dates for the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, which is set for July 19-25.

They will also change the route to go from east to west across the state. Spokespeople for Iowa's Ride tell the Des Moines Register it was never their malicious intent to go head-to-head with RAGBRAI, they just wanted to provide a new alternative for people who love to ride.

Find out more about RAGBRAI and "Iowa's Ride" here

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