It sure isn't fun to go grocery shopping right now, is it? Inflation has caused prices to go up on a variety of products, including the meats that we buy for dinner. Prices on hamburgers, pork, and chicken have gone way up in the past year. Now, cheaper dining options are also going to see a price hike, making it tough for American families to enjoy an affordable dinner.

According to KETV, companies including Tyson, Conagra, and Kraft Heinz have notified retailers that they will be raising their prices on many frozen and refrigerated meats by January. Some products that will be subject to price hikes include;

  • Ball Park hot dogs and burgers
  • State Fair corn dogs
  • Jimmy Dean frozen breakfasts
  • Hillshire Farm sausages
  • Hebrew National hot dogs
  • Oscar Meyer hot dogs

While prices for high-end cuts of meat like steaks and pork chops have risen quickly over the past year, the price for cheaper meats, like lunch meat and sausage has gone up slowly. Prices for hot dogs have actually been lower this fall compared to a year ago. All that is about to change.

KETV reports that Tyson sent a letter to distributors last month that stated prices on Ball Park, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, State Fair, and all deli meats will increase in price by 5% to 10% for all customers beginning January 2nd. Conagra sent out a similar warning stating the prices would be going up on Hebrew National hot dog packages between 10% and 12% by January 24th. Kraft says a price hike on their hot dogs, at around 8%, could come as soon as January 9th.

The reason that companies are hiking prices? To offset inflation and the ongoing problems in the supply chain. Problems that clearly are going to be with us well into 2022.

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