The numbers still aren't what they were a year ago at this time, but officials at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) report what they call a significant improvement in passenger travel for May compared to the very bleak month of April.

Compared to around 3,000 passengers screenings in April (82 or so a day), KCRG reports from a spokesperson at CID that number rose to just over 14,000 in May. People are getting back out there, the airport officials say, but for obvious reasons, it's still much lower than May of 2019, when there were 112,711 passengers. That's an 87 percent drop.

In general, leisure travel always picks up around this time anyway, and a slight easing of pandemic concerns is causing business in that area to pick back up as airlines continue to increase their flight schedules.

COVID-19 is still a challenge for travel and business at CID, said airport director Marty Lenss, but he's encouraged by an upswing. "We are very appreciative our air carrier partners are adding flights and destinations back into the schedule to provide passengers more options."

CID is currently averaging around 500 passengers per day, but by August all destinations by the five carriers will be back on schedule.

Stay home and don't travel if you're sick at this time. Iowa does not require face coverings but many states you might be traveling to do, so make sure you have one. With the safety improvements they are also making at the airport itself, passengers may be having their concerns eased.

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