Ever wonder about cities whose names exist in multiple states? I can think of a few from Iowa right off the bat.


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    Cedar Rapids

    We live here, in Iowa. There is also a Cedar Rapids in Nebraska and Wisconsin.

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    According to a Wikipedia entry, besides the one in Iowa, Marion is also a city in Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, New York, Utah, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon and nine other states.

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    In fact, as of 2012, Marion is listed as one of the most common city names in the country based on postal records, along with Washington, which is not only a town in Iowa but 23 other states as well,  including Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.

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    Clinton is also an Iowa town that ranks as one of the nation's most common, found in 26 total states.

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    There is a Brooklyn in Iowa and New York.

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    Bronson is a small town in western Iowa. There are also Bronsons in Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas and Florida, as I found through a quick Google search.