It seems like every now and then a strange Airbnb listing will just pop up. Normally people don't think of Iowa as a great vacation or getaway destination, but they are surely mistaken! Some of these strange listings are just proof of that!

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If you're looking for a unique vacation spot unlike any other, then Iowa truly is the perfect place. It's a gold mine of unique homes and places to stay. One land owner has been offering guests the chance to sleep and stay in a chicken coop on their property.

You can check out this home down below!

Chicken Coop Airbnb in Fayette

At this Airbnb you'll rise with the chickens...literally. Well, kind of. While there are no chickens in this tiny house, you can still have some fun in this cozy space in Fayette.


However, one home in Northern Iowa takes the cake as the most geometrically unique piece of property you might find on one of these sites.

This home is located in Clear Lake which is located right in between Des Moines and Minneapolis. So, whether you are heading to the capital or looking to have a fun weekend out of state this spot has got you covered.

It is advertised on websites as a "pyramid house" which you can obviously see why. The huge home from the outside looks just like the pyramids in Egypt...kind of. This vacation home is approximately 5,600 square feet and has six bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Airbnb via Jody
Airbnb via Jody

It truly is perfect for a large family getaway or even a reunion with tons of people. There are enough beds to sleep sixteen people.

You can check out more of the house down below!

Pyramid Home In Clear Lake

If you're looking to take a trip to Clear Lake sometime in the near future, why not rest and relax like an Egyption? This pyramid home is available for you to check out on Airbnb.


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