It's been a wonderful start to the week, weather-wise, hasn't it? We've started off mild but hopefully you haven't gotten too used to it because here comes Mother Nature, back to remind us that it's still winter. The above photo is just a reminder that we aren't far off from complaining about how "hot" it is.

KCRG weather reports that after highs near 50 early in the week, temperatures are set to drop Wednesday, to a high of only 25. They also forecast a chance of snow. With single digit lows and below zero wind chills Wednesday night, don't put the extra blankets too far away just yet.

Not to worry, though, it will be just a brief flirtation with the frigid air. By Friday we are set to rebound back to a high of around 50. It wouldn't be Iowa without this wacky weather. Remember, 6 more weeks until spring.

[Via KCRG]


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