There are a lot of jobs that make you miserable to do a lot of work for no money, but there's also companies that'll pay you a lot of money for no work.

A company in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is looking to fill a new position of 'Candyologist.' It's not one of those giveaway jobs where you get $500 to eat a bunch of candy, this is a full time job.

They're looking to pay two people $30/hr to taste test their new candy products. The only catch, is that you'll have to move to Canada.

If you're not into moving to Mississauga, they'll also be hiring eight people for part-time jobs, and they'll get to work from home for the same hourly rate, just for 15 hours a week.

Applications are due by February 15th, so you'd better get cracking.

Read more at Delish

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