The Covid-19 coronavirus crisis has devastated the entertainment industry. Now, it's trying to find a safe way to bring live music back to the big stage.

The news was released several weeks ago that the Beach Boys will be performing Friday August 21 at the McGrath Amphitheater in downtown Cedar Rapids. The Beach Boys concert tour has been a summertime favorite for years in Eastern Iowa.

Now, for the first time in several months, 104.5 KDAT will start again to giveaway concert tickets to listeners.

This outdoor concert marks the beginning of several new health safety protocols issued by promoters at VenuWorks. The new guidelines include social distancing seating arrangements and mandatory mask wearing rules, among others.

It will be extremely valuable to see how successful a live concert performance will be in this new hand sanitized, scaled-backed configuration.

KDAT is confident in our partnership with VenuWorksWe trust that they will accommodate concert fans with a variety of safety measures that will be greatly appreciated.

KDAT is assured that the VenuWorks guidelines and rules will be dutifully enforced to insure a safe, healthy environment. 

Winning the public back to events is only possible if parameters are clearly set prior to the shows, and when rules are vigilantly enforced.

Especially considering the Beach Boys are no, boys. Mike Love the band's lead singer is 79 years old. Still young at heart perhaps, but definitely in the at-risk age group for coronavirus.

But for now, we are ready to rock n roll on Friday August 21 at McGrath Amphitheater.

KDAT is happy to give you a chance to win a free four-pack of Beach Boys concert tickets, simply by signing up here.

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