Actor and filmmaker Mark Ruffalo is out with a new nature documentary, and if you have a chance to catch "Invisible Hand" you'll also want to pay close attention to the music. It's produced by the head of a studio here in Iowa.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen spoke to the film's co-director, Joshua B. Pribanic, who said about the movie:

This film showcases this absolutely revolutionary movement across the globe where people's ideologies are having to be transformed and they're having to think how this western world interacts with the wild

Meanwhile, Russell Curry, who has split time in both Iowa and Illinois over the years, founded Curious Music in 1988 and is now based in Coralville. After leaving the music industry in 2001 to re-examine his place in it after big changes introduced by major corporations like Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and others, Curry says he's back and excited about this project.

You might know Mark Ruffalo, also a native Midwesterner from Kenosha, Wisconsin for roles as Bruce Banner and alter ego the Incredible Hulk in several "Avengers" and "Iron Man" movies as well as turns in "Now You See Me" and "Spotlight". Check out his entire filmography on Internet Movie Database.

You can stream the proudly Midwest-flavored "Invisible Hand" here.

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