It's kind of crazy that I'm able to remember this, but back when I was in first grade, our class adopted a pet guinea pig. His name was Red Wing (after the Detroit Red Wings, of course), and getting to take him home over spring break was pretty much the highlight of my year. It's funny how a little animal like a guinea pig can make such an impact on a kid.

For Iowa teachers out there looking to get a class pet, the Cedar Valley Humane Society wants to make it really easy for you. Now through March 24th, teachers are able to adopt a pair of guinea pigs or one rabbit absolutely free. What's the catch? Well, there is none. The animal rescue organization is looking to adopt out some of the animals that they rescued from that home in Vinton earlier this year. All they are asking is that you bring in your school ID and a letter from the school giving you permission to get a class pet.

Preston Moore from the CVHS told KCRG:

"We believe that having a pet in the classroom kind of reduces a great deal of stress for students. But it also, I think this is the bigger benefit, it teaches students to be compassionate toward animals. It teaches them a little responsibility on how to care for them.”

If you'd like more information, you can visit the Cedar Valley Humane Society website HERE, or call 319-362-6288.

[Via KCRG/CBS 2]

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