Do you know a smartphone addict? I like to kid my wife that I live with one.'s her! Ever wonder how long they could go without their smartphone? No Facebook. No Snapchat. No Spotify. One company will pay you $1,000 if you can make it one week!

And they'll even give you a replacement phone. A flip phone. Frontier Communications is looking for cell phone addicts to apply for their study. They want you to put down your fancy smartphone and use their retro flip phone. You'll also be required to Vlog about your week. You can apply HERE. Just tell them why you're the perfect candidate to ditch their smartphone for a flip phone!

The catch? Only one person will be chosen and given the $1,000. So make your entry memorable and compelling! And who knows? YOU might get to use an awesome flip phone for a week! Hope you still own a phone book!


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