A couple of my coworkers issued a challenge, and as Barney Stinson would say: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The three of us have vowed to stay off social media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of them, for ONE DAY, this Sunday, January 13. It's no secret I am sort of a vulture on Facebook. People joke that I "like" their posts before they've even posted them. A bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. If I succeed at this, I fear my phone blowing up with texts wondering if I am OK or even still alive. Frankly, I am glad we picked Sunday, the "easiest" day to avoid social media for me.

I also use Facebook extensively "for my job", per my usual excuse. I post the stuff you see on the KDAT Facebook page. But there's a catch to that too. We'll get to that later. Here's why I think I have the advantage.

  • We're keeping tabs on ourselves via the honor system. I am nothing, if not honest to a fault
  • I don't have a football team in the running to post about anymore
  • I am not invested in any TV shows on Sunday to commiserate with anyone else about on social media
  • I can schedule the station on Facebook in advance (fourth wall broken)
  • I need to avenge so much grief inflicted upon me by one of these coworkers over the years that I am absolutely DETERMINED to make this happen.

The lure of Facebook may try to break me, but I will not give in. I also know that one of these guys loves his Snapchat too much to survive a one-day fast. I got this.

Wish me luck, and answer me this: could YOU give up your favorite social media platform for one day?


All that's left is to figure out what to do with all this extra time on Sunday. Sleep in? Read? Go to church? Catch up on extra chores?  Give the dog an extra walk? Stay tuned.

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