I truly believe I have the most fun family in the entire world. Now, I know everybody thinks that about their family, but if you went to just one of our family parties you would understand.

This weekend I went back home to Michigan, so my grandma decided to plan a BBQ at her house for the family. We ended up stuck inside for a bit because of a huge storm that rolled through, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. We ended up finding out that my grandma recently pulled her wedding dress out of storage, so what did we do? We made her put in on, obviously!


The dress was a lot less white than she remembered, and she wasn't able to close the back, but hey, we thought it still looked pretty good! The best part was when we brought my grandpa inside. Hee took one look at her, laughed, and then walked back out. Relationship goals! Here are a couple of videos from the incident:

My grandparents got married back in 1959 and just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary last month. Here's a photo of them from their wedding day:


Almost 60 years later and these two are still going strong! We should all be so lucky to find a love like theirs <3