If you're ready for some football, the Friday Night Lights will indeed be shining in many districts this Fall, but here in Cedar Rapids, precautions are being put in place to keep everyone safe.

Players and spectators in attendance at Kingston Stadium sporting events this Fall have new guidelines to follow, according to KCRG.

Face-coverings will be required and you will need to provide your own hand sanitizer. If you come to an event in groups, it should be limited in size to one household. It is not indicated what that limit per household is.

The rest can be considered an honor system, as the district asks that "attendees accept personal responsibility for following public health guidelines, use common sense, and abide by posted signs. Anyone showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been in contact with a confirmed positive case in the last 14 days should stay home."

The student section at Kingston will be widened to allow for social distancing, with every other row of seating being closed. These rows will be marked off to indicate spectators are not allowed to use them.

As for the players, only "essential personnel" with the team will be allowed and those not in the game or regular rotation will be required to wear face-coverings. Students must also stay on their assigned side of the stadium and all must clear out within 30 minutes after the end of the game.

You'll be booted from the game (politely) for not following guidelines at the game. One area team is already having to cancel its season-opener this Friday night due to COVID-19 cases. Learn more about the Cedar Rapids district's stadium guidelines to prevent that here.

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