Another day, another phone scam warning from the CRPD.

Don't take calls seriously that pretend to be from the police asking for your location so you can be arrested. Unless of course, you've done something worthy of being arrested.

The Cedar Rapids Police warns citizens that the above scenario was reported by a resident who knew better than to continue on with the call, and hung up. The tricky part, it was from a "spoofed" number that was identical to an actual Cedar Rapids police number.

It's another way to obtain your information and money, say the police. Don't engage if you get a call like this. Cops will not call you in advance to arrest you, particularly in this scenario, which was an alleged delinquent IRS debt.

Report the call to your local police, by calling them at 286-5491 in Cedar Rapids or to the Federal Trade Commission.

Scammers are getting clever, but not clever enough to realize they'll be beaten at their own game if caught.


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