You could have fooled us in Hiawatha the past couple weeks where they were going off until midnight regularly, but police in Cedar Rapids report fewer calls about the misuse of fireworks this 4th of July

The 4th is passed, and the pop-up stands selling them are closing. According to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, fireworks complaints were down this year.

They tell the Gazette they responded to 301 calls this season, down from 476 in 2018.

Several factors played into the difference. Either the novelty has worn off now that they're legal for a short window in Iowa, or people are understanding the ordinances and rules better, said CRPD Lt. Tony Robinson. Iowa in 2017 legalized the possession, sale, and use of consumer-grade fireworks on a limited basis. Robinson also says he brought in more officers for overtime strictly to work fireworks calls.

Despite fewer complaints, citations are up. Cedar Rapids Police Department public safety spokesperson Greg Buelow said 26 citations have been issued this year, while there were 9 in 2018 and 8 in 2017.

We can safely say folks are getting a grasp of what's expected of them during fireworks season, and cops are cracking down heavier on those who aren't.

[Via Gazette]

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