This week, the Cedar Rapids city council approved a $268,102 expenditure by the Police Department to get a new vehicle.

Bur it's not just any vehicle. The 2019 Lenco Bearcat G2 is fully armored. In case you're wondering, the money to pay for it is coming from funds confiscated by the CRPD from apprehended drug dealers. Not from levee or taxpayer dollars.

The police say it will be able to hold 10 to 12 fully equipped officers, but will not be used on a regular basis, mostly in cases of active shooter situations, fires, and/or safely rescuing first responders. It will also protect and offer the ability to get wounded victims to a hospital faster.

Police say the vehicle will safely take them to these high-risk scenes and it will join their fleet by the end of 2019. The Linn County Sheriff's Office is also in the process of obtaining a similar vehicle.

Find out more about how the Lenco Bearcat G2 is expected to benefit officers and citizens here.

[Via CBS2]

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