I can't believe it, but my due date is nearing. My husband Josh and I are just a few short weeks away from welcoming our baby boy into the world. That's IF he doesn't come early.

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I've been reading a lot in preparation for baby, trying to gather all of the information I can as a new parent. I've both read and heard that it's a good idea at this stage of pregnancy (36 weeks) to have a hospital bag packed. That makes a lot of sense considering babies are fully developed at this point, and you never know when they'll be looking to make their debut. Since I'm a first time mom, and a newbie to the delivery experience, I was a little unsure of what exactly to pack. I've seen lists online, but I wanted to hear straight from actual people what things were must-haves to bring. I asked, and you answered!

I got a ton of responses on the KHAK Facebook page and the KHAK app, so thanks for the advice everyone! Based on your feedback, here's my list of the essentials that I'll be packing in my hospital bag.

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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag When Having a Baby

I'll probably keep it to two bags, one for me and baby and one for my husband. I definitely don't want to lug a ton of stuff into the hospital. Thanks again for all of the suggestions, now it's time to pack!

If there's something that you think should absolutely be added to the list, feel free to send me a message in the KHAK app or join the conversation on the KHAK Facebook page.

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