We can't really have too many burger joints in town. Now we can add a Five Guys to the list.

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According to OurQuadCities, they have confirmed with the real estate developer Geifman First Equity, that the burger chain will come to Davenport on Utica Ridge Road, just south of Buffalo Wild Wings.

The article goes on to say the burger chain reps hope to break ground in October with the restaurant opening early next year.

It has already been a long wait. We told you back in 2018 there was a sign placed at a construction site at this location, but our Quad City news outlets weren't able to find any other information about when the restaurant would be built.

It's always seemed weird to be there's a Five Guys in Dubuque and Coralville but not in the QCA. Maybe this time it's for real. Can't you just taste those hand cut fries and don't get me started with those yummy milkshakes.

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