Those of us who live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Coralville will soon lose our last ties to a one-time retail giant.

It was reported by the Gazette that the last remaining K-Mart in the corridor, the one located at 851 Highway 6 East in Iowa City, is closing its doors in September. The store will begin a liquidation sale on June 15.

K-Mart closed the second of two Cedar Rapids stores, the Collins Road location in 2013, and the 16th Ave. SW store a year prior.

Earlier this year, K-Mart left Dubuque, Sioux City and Waterloo, meaning the closest stores to the Corridor after the latest closure will be in Oelwein and Moline.

I grew up shopping K-Mart frequently, but have to admit toward the end of their run in Cedar Rapids, it was easy to see the decline. Quality of merchandise and even more, the cleanliness of the stores become a problem, but it's hard to watch these retailers we loved fall by the wayside.

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