There's nothing worse than seeing that your phone is about to die. And it's always at the worst possible time, like when you're in the checkout line, and the coupon you need is on your phone, and the line is long.  Or you want to take a picture, but the battery is too low to let you. It's so annoying. However, we've discovered that by deleting just one specific app, you can extend your battery by as much as 20%. And it's an app almost everyone has.

No, it's not spamware, or something that automatically came downloaded on your phone. And it's not something useless unfortunately, like Google plus. More than likely, it's one of the first apps you installed on your phone. What is it?


Looking at my phone, Facebook is responsible for about 5% usage of my phone battery, but no other app even comes close to it. Before you panic that you can't possibly live without it, don't forget you could always open a browser window on the phone, and get into facebook that way.  Sure it takes out the easy one click, but isn't it worth it to preserve the battery?  You can also keep Facebook messenger. That's not quite the battery killer that the main app is.

Will you delete it?