It's not every day that the bones of an extinct lifeform are discovered; let alone in the Midwest!

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That was exactly the case when scientists discovered the skeleton of a never-before-seen dinosaur. Scientists claim that this find is a newly discovered genus. The discovery was made somewhere in Missouri.

While we don't have the details about where specifically these ancient bones are located, we do have some specifics about the type of creature that these might have belonged to. Paleontologists dug up a "juvenile Parrosaurus Missouriensis" in an undisclosed location in Missouri.

The remains of this creature measure up to be about 25-30 feet long. Scientists who discovered the bones say that this dinosaur had a duck-shaped bill and probably was a plant eater.

Officials say that this is likely not the last of the finds at this site. There is a strong possibility that there may be even more in or around the area.

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This technically isn't a NEW discovery because in the 1940s locals made the initial discovery of the creature. Farmers were digging in a remote part of Missouri approximately a hundred miles from St. Louis when they came across one long bone.

It took more than 80 years for the rest of this extinct creature to see the light. The skeleton has now been unearthed completely by a team of experts at Chicago’s Field Museum. Officials say that the same museum is expected to recreate the dinosaur skeleton and put it on display.

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