My wife thinks I'm crazy and says I'm just a big control freak. Maybe so. Because yes, I admit it...I actually organize my groceries on the register belt!

But is it possible that I'm the only one who does this?

Andrew was the first to comment on my Facebook post:

Cara had this to say:

Lacie takes it one step further:

Terri and I have the same struggle with our spouses:

Do you have trouble keeping up like Malinda? I bet you shop at Aldi's!

For lots of us, including DJ it's important to separate the frozen stuff:

The checkers may not love Tracy, but we do!

But there are still those out there that don't understand us, and probably never will:

Thanks for sharing, Don...but the final say goes to our Valentine, Katie:

The bottom line? Don't feel bad if you are guilty of this little habit. It looks like you're in good company!

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