Well, it's 2021. That crazy year 2020 is now a thing of the past. And, perhaps we can now say 2021 has it's first wacky and virtually harmless 'fluff story'... Oh, and it comes from our great state of Iowa!

Iowa TV Meteorologist Katie Nickolaou, who works at FOX 44 in Sioux City, has gone viral for her TikTok video explaining how if you eat an icicle, you're actually eating bird crap. Yes, thanks to Katie, you'll never look at an icicle the same way again, let alone eat one. Erm, the same way?

How does the bird poop-icicle relationship work? Well, to quote Katie directly,

When icicles form, it's from water that melts off your roof and runs down the side of a building. You know what else is on your roof? Bird poop. A lot of it.

Yum. Thanks, Katie! So glad to know this turd bit of info. I think I'll stick to sword fighting with icicles. And then promptly wash my hands, of course...

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