This story goes well beyond taking advantage of company perks and could have been a lot more dangerous than it was, as four area paramedics and medical workers are charged with violating a handful of Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) rules.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that one individual was cited for allegedly administering unauthorized intravenous fluids (IV) to another after a night of drinking. Furthermore, the others with them are in trouble for not reporting the improper activity.

The four people cited in the incident by the IDPH were:

  • Matthew M. Bouska, a paramedic from Cedar Rapids
  • Margaret A. Doyle, EMT from Iowa City
  • Chloe A. Mogensen, a paramedic from Marion
  • Benjamin L. Sommers, a paramedic from Hills

It's reported that Bouska started the IV on Doyle at Doyle's request on February 11, after Doyle had become intoxicated, and that the IV supplies were in a cabinet at Doyle’s home.

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A citation for professional incompetence indicated that this was "not part of an authorized service program", and included Morgensen and Sommers for observing an unauthorized act and not taking action to prevent it.

The four individuals declined their right to appeal. They could face suspension or revocation of their certification if further violations are discovered, possibly a civil penalty of up to $1,000, or probation. They also may be required to undergo more training and re-examination.

IV injection is sometimes done on intoxicated patients in a medical setting but is usually regulated in those settings.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:





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