Happy National Waffle Day!

Just recently, I learned about a food truck here in the Corridor that I CAN'T BELIEVE I've never heard of! And since today is National Waffle Day, I felt that it was the perfect time to give them a shout out. I introduce you to... Wich-Uh-Waffle!

According to their social media accounts, Wich-Uh-Waffle is a woman-owned and black-owned business that specializes in "custom crafted waffles, sandwiches & smoothies the whole family will enjoy." They serve both Belgian and bubble waffles, which they transform into incredible-looking desserts topped with ice cream, cookies, fruit, whipped cream, and more. They also offer chicken & waffles and breakfast burritos during events in the morning hours. A Facebook review from Ashley Marzocchi reads:

"The chicken is fantastic with great flavor. The waffles are rich, fluffy, and thick. The sweet and savory food combos are amazing!!"

Wich-Uh-Waffle serves the Iowa City area at different venues and events, most often at 1104 Gilbert Street. They are also available for catering for weddings, parties, graduations, corporate events, and more. Their website says, "you can count on us to bring a smile to your guests' faces and make your event more memorable with fun and delicious desserts."

To book Wich-Uh-Waffle for your event, you can visit their website and send in a request HERE. You can also follow their Facebook page to find out where and when you can try them HERE.

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