I've spent a lot of time trying new things this summer I never dreamed I would.

Most recently: SUSHI!

I joined my co-worker Jaymz Larson and our friend Doug at Wasabi Sushi and Hibachi in downtown Cedar Rapids for lunch. I was confused, nervous and uncomfortable from the get-go, but that's what this "Summer of Eric" and stepping out of my comfort zone has been all about. I've never had ANY desire to eat sushi. "Raw fish". The idea gives me all sorts of jitters. I now think I may have had a bit of a misconception going in. If you're wondering what I had, see a photo below.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

Being my first time, I went with something simple that, after some tutoring from Jaymz and Doug on the menu, didn't sound too extreme. A simple appetizer of the King Crab Roll. DELISH!

There's a first time for everything, and while I won't say I'm jumping out of my seat to try it again, I was extremely impressed. I'm not even sure what I actually had is classified as sushi but it was GOOD. Thanks to the folks at Wasabi for the great service and food and to my buddies for the great company and another nudge over the cliff to try something new, so to speak.

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