Or, as a friend at karaoke night last week said, the 20th century. Because that's how outdated my previous phone was. See a similar example below.

Heap of mobile phones
Zoonar RF, Thinkstock

For years, I've resisted joining the smartphone era, and stuck with my slide phone, primarily because of cost. But I also often found myself saying 'I don't need all those bells and whistles!' 'All I need is to be able to talk and text!' and 'Get off my lawn!' Basically, as long as I could make calls, receive them, text, and use voicemail (remember that?) I thought was good.

It turns out, I did need those "bells and whistles" more than I ever knew. Things like a bigger screen that has been a godsend to my eyesight already. A better camera, which is gradually eliminating my aversion to phone photography and selfies. The ability to properly use the internet in a pinch. Including Uber, which I had to use on the way home from said karaoke night but had to rely on a buddy's account because I couldn't use the app on my phone. That's going to come in handy now that I'm becoming such a popular and socially in-demand guy (NOT).

Not to mention, I feel like I look more like a grown-up with a grown-up phone now.

I realize it was probably ten or more years ago by now for most of you, but how did you feel the first time you got a smartphone? What are some of the pros or cons? I'd love to have you share your thoughts in the comments.


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