At least I can see better...but this is depressing! (I mean that as a figure of speech, of course).

So, recently, I've been noticing I was having a lot of headaches and eye strain issues, and it had been about 4 years since I last got it done. No doubt it has a lot to do with my amount of "screen time". I's time to get the old peepers checked. Little did I know how OLD these peepers actually are.

I went in to see Dr. Peterson at Vision 4 Less, and after an exam, I heard the dreaded "B" word. A word I didn't expect to hear until I was at least 60, maybe 80 years old. At 41, I needed bifocals. Yes, my eyesight has gotten so bad I need two different prescriptions on one pair of glasses. Fortunately, technology has come long way. So even though I have the eyesight of an 80 year old, I don't have to look or sound like it. (And you wouldn't know it unless I told you, which I just did. So much for that!)

I sprung for the much-cooler sounding "progressive lenses". Bifocal lenses without the visible line in the middle. I think they look good, how about you?

After being assured by another young friend with bifocals that it's nothing to be embarrassed about, I'm reminding myself how good it feels to have improved clarity and vision.

And, since I am in bed most nights by 9:30 p.m., the "old man" ship pretty much sailed years ago anyway. Now, about that receding hairline...



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