With the release of the new horror movie "It" comes the fear of the possible return of the Creepy Clown sightings.

It was just around this time last year that I reported on the freaky sightings of scary clowns in the Eastern Iowa area. That blog nearly went viral, shining a spotlight on the real concerns, both for the safety of victims and the pranksters themselves.

According to recent Newsweek articles, the clown sightings from a year ago resulted in the arrest of more than a few people, with charges including menacing behavior related to disturbing the peace, and making false reports.

Flash forward to earlier this year. More recently in April 2017, someone involved with creating a Facebook account showing a creepy clown was arrested for threatening kids at a high school in Fort Collins, Colorado. Then in May, Newsweek reported that two clowns were seen in Fargo, North Dakota. One was spotted with a knife and the other was holding a large snake.

Now that the movie "It" has opened to a record box office of $117 million this weekend, will the creepy clowns return? It is the Halloween season and we all enjoy a good scare. But no one wants to be shot over a prank gone sour.


[source: Newsweek]

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