Believe it or not, Halloween is just a couple of weeks away. If you haven't already picked out your costume, there's one you may want to avoid if you want to stand out at the party. analyzed Google data to find the most searched Halloween costumes in each state. Iowa's most popular choice was a favorite among many states. It was IT, or Pennywise from IT. The other favorites were dinosaur and the classic choice, witch.

There were only a few states that had some unique popular costumes. The most searched costume in Vermont was a dragon, and Kansas was the only state searching Toy Story. You can see what other state's most popular costumes are going to be here. And if you don't mind possibly having the same costume as someone else, and are still looking for ideas, we've got Google's Top Halloween Costumes of 2019. There's some pretty awesome ideas for not only you, but for couples, babies, and pets. Happy Halloween!

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