If you build it, they will come. But maybe not until next year.

The first Major League Baseball game to be played at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, scheduled for Thursday, August 13 between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox, will not take place in 2020.

The Cardinals have confirmed 13 positive coronavirus cases in their organization (seven of them being players), and a series with Detroit to be played this Tuesday through Thursday has been called off. However, the Athletic's Ken Rosenthal says in a Tweet published by Yahoo Sports, the cancelation of the Field of Dreams game is reportedly not tied to that outbreak. The Cardinals are testing personnel daily and do plan to be able to resume play against the Chicago Cubs this Friday.

The only current explanation is undisclosed "logistical problems." As part of the abbreviated season, they are limiting teams' travel to within their own general region, which is why the Cardinals got installed in the game over the original choice of the New York Yankees.

With this game being a bit of a "novelty," it was likely decided that under the circumstances, it was a backburner event.

It's a bummer, but the new major-league scale ballpark built on the Field of Dreams grounds especially for games like this will get its christening later as the league and organizers have apparently decided now is not the right time.

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