Are you tired of hearing about the Field of Dreams game? Then this story isn't for you. For the rest of you, I write this partly because it's good news, but also because I've already had enough below-zero weather to last me a lifetime and I, for one, am beyond ready to think WARM thoughts.

Back in December, another national sports publication gave kudos to the spectacle held last summer on the beloved movie site in Dyersville. The world was watching as the Yankees took on the White Sox and we heard more major league action is to come at the Field of Dreams.

That first of hopefully many MLB events there was selected by Sports Business Journal as its "Best New Event" of the year for 2021. They shouted out Murray Cook of BrightView Sports and his crew. These guys had to "move 30,000 cubic yards of dirt to level the surface, and then cover it with 4,000 tons of sand and 2,000 tons of gravel". The crew had to hand-plant new corn to replace some of which they took away. Let's not forget the creation of the MLB-regulation, 8,000-seat ballpark on the FOD grounds.

Fox TV wasn't exactly disappointed either, as the whole event doubled their ad revenue and provided the largest audience for a major league game in 16 years.

Also, listen to this: after seeing the success of this event, the NBA even explored setting up its own version. Dare we dream: Michael Jordan in Iowa as an ambassador similar to Kevin Costner? (Just spit-balling...insert your favorite basketball legend here.)

Another "Field of Dreams game" is set for next August. It won't be "new" anymore so it might not qualify for this distinction, but the matchup between the Cubs-Reds will surely create more of its own magic and attention.

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