If you build it, they will come.

(It might take them 32 years, but they will come. Listen, they’re busy people. You’ve got to be patient.)

In 1989, America was captivated by Field of Dreams, the Kevin Costner movie about a humble Iowa farmer who hears voices telling him to rip down his corn and build a ball field. He does it and magic ensues. The movie quickly became one of the most beloved baseball films in history. The field used for the filming of the movie in Dyersville, Iowa was eventually replaced with another cornfield — but an adjacent farm, also used during the shooting of the movie was maintained as a tourist attraction, and later the entire property was sold. Now, for the first time, the Field of Dreams field will host a Major League Baseball game amongst the hundreds of rows of corn that line the outfield wall.

The game between the Chicago White Sox — who were the key team featured in Field of Dreams — and the New York Yankees takes place tonight. According to the game’s official site, baseball “constructed an 8,000-seat ballpark on the Dyersville site” that includes “a pathway through a cornfield” to take you to the stadium. The Field of Dreams park design pays homage to old Comiskey Park, home of the White Sox during the period involved in the story of Field of Dreams. It’s the first time a major league game has ever been played in Iowa.

As part of the event, Kevin Costner returned to the field to see the new park. His shocked reaction says it all:

The Yankees vs White Sox game from the Field of Dreams field airs tonight at 7PM ET on Fox.

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