We love our beer. We love our food. Then why is it that when you go to a nice restaurant, there always seems to be a recommended wine pairing for each dish, but not beer, especially when there's far more beer flavors than wine?

Thankfully, it seems that a change is coming, as more and more restaurants, mainly brew-pubs, have started to get these pairings on the menu. There's even been an increasing number of local food/beer pairing events.  However, we're sick of waiting.  As we get ready for Cedar Rapids Beer Summit, and the more than 100 different types of beer you'll be able to sample, we want to get you a jump on the secret of food/beer pairings. It's as simple as comparing beers to diamonds, as it's all about the "C's". Where diamonds have cut, clarity, color, and carats, pairing beer is all about cut, compliment, and contrast.


While cut sounds confusing when dealing with a liquid, it's really something you already know.  Remember the first time you tried something really spicy and you doused your mouth with water, only to find no relief? That's because the chemical is spicy food doesn't dissolve in water, but it does in beer! That's especially true with a beer that has a larger amount of hops, like and IPA. There's a really good reason beer pairs nicely with hot wings, nachos, Mexican food, and many things in-between.


No, this has nothing to do with the more beer you drink means the more compliments you'll give out. Compliment is when you beer goes together naturally with your food. Like a chocolate stout with chocolate cake, or cherry pie with a cherry wheat ale, or oatmeal stout with a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast... (okay, maybe not so much the last one.) You get the idea.


This might be the easiest one. Think black and white. Batman and Robin. Day and night. BBQ wings and pale ale. Yes, opposites attract. When you pair food with beer, contrast is a concept for all but the unadventurous. It's the bold flavors that you normally wouldn't match, like vinegar and oil. Separate they're okay, but combined - now you're talking. It's the same for food and beer.

So there you go. As you join us for Cedar Rapids Beer Summit, and your chance at 3 hours unlimited sampling of over 100 beers and ciders, be thinking about the 3 C's of beer, and how you're now ready to unlock a world of new flavors at your next meal. Tickets start at just $30 and are available right now by clicking here.

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